Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Raising Charley, Part II

Charley had his very first walk on harness today.

It's one of those contraptions that is supposed to cure a dog of tugging. This seemed good for us since Charley will be gargantuan in a few months time and good leash manners are invaluable. To that end, I purchased this harness some months ago when I knew we were going to have the kind of dog that could pull me flat to the ground with one good tug.

What I didn't do is double-check by peeking through the clear packaging to see the color of the actual harness that I was buying. I just looked at the cardboard signage tucked into the front and back of the clear package, which showed a red harness.

Red is a good color for both my dogs. So I grabbed it and headed home. 

That was in November.

This morning I opened it up.

It's pink.

A pink mesh harness with pink fleecy padding and a pink lead.

Sorry, Charley.

And Number 7 won't be best pleased because he won't want to train the dog with a pink harness. But it's too late to take it back now.

The good thing is that Charley won't care, especially after March 1st when he goes to the vet for his, um, transformation.

- Catherine


Joyce said...

We've used a halter with our dog. Otherwise my shoulder would be permanently detached from its socket! It works like a charm.

Real men and dogs wear pink : )

Nanato4 said...

Oh, "poor" Charley ... actually it's poor Number 7 ... as you said, Charley won't care! ha!

We got our Lab (who was quite the puller) one of those harnesses, and it worked pretty well. She no longer needs it because at age 11+, she no longer has the desire to get anywhere faster than us. ha!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

CrumleyCrew said...

Catherine, have fun on March with the puppy going in. We just did that to buddy. I dont know who hates the hood more...the dog or the family.