Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A random Wednesday -- updated with a photograph!

I've kind of been missing the Random Dozen while Lid at 2nd Cup of Coffee is taking a summer break.  I don't have a dozen things to say, but here are a few:

1) the Conference Center I'm currently working in will be subject to a scheduled power outage today while the local power company gets some work done.  We are running on generator as of now (7:30 a.m.) and we've got an entire morning of sessions to get through, coffee to make, computers to run, etc.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the generator holds up and we do not meltdown before noon.

2) I couldn't play racquetball this morning because the gym next door is closed for the scheduled power outage. Apparently they don't have a generator.

3) There are only three days (including today) remaining in the conference.

4) I miss #7 and #8 so much that I can hardly stand to think about it.  So I don't.

5) It looks like we will be able to purchase the 4-acre place where our horses have been pastured for the last three years. The house there needs work and we will have to carry two mortgages for a while so that we can finish the work on our current house, but it will be worth it! We've prayed about this for three years, asking God to either firmly shut the door or make the purchase possible.  And here we are!

6) #4 is officially engaged and will be getting married next May!  I would post the pictures of her wedding dress but she has forbidden me to do so because she doesn't want her fiance (4.5-to-be) to see them.  If you'd like to see her in the dress when she tried it on, I'll be happy to email the pics to you.  Here's her engagement ring:

Well, that's a random half-dozen!!

Happy Wednesday to all!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

I miss it too.

Congratulations to #6...very exciting!

Joyce said...

I miss it too.

Congratulations to #6...very exciting!

Abigail Catherine said...

Yay!!! :) Congratulations to the "Mother of the Bride"

Christy said...

Congratulations on the engagement! Hope you'll share some wedding planning news as you work towards the special day.