Sunday, July 4, 2010

Further adventures in monkey ball

I've pretty well solved the problem of feeling like a monkey in a cage when I play racquetball in the glass-front court.

But I like the term "monkey ball" so I will continue to use it now and then.

There are many tough shots in racquetball.  One of the toughest for me is when the return ball hugs the side wall, leaving little room to hit it without smacking my racquet on the wall or missing completely because my close-up depth perception leaves something to be desired.

Thus I have come to think of the walls as The Side Walls of Death. Because if ever a shot is going to die on me, it's there.

When I practice by myself, I tend to keep score of these skirmishes with The Side Walls of Death.

Some days I actually get in a few points.

I dream of the day when I can say "The backhand is mighty, and the Side Walls of Death have not overcome it."

Sadly, today was not that day.

Not for the forehand, either.

Today The Side Walls of Death claimed a total and absolute shut-out victory in just under 45 minutes.

Tuesday there will be another skirmish.

And one day I intend to win this battle.

 - Catherine

1 comment:

Joyce said...

I admire your determination and discipline when it comes to exercise. Will some of that rub off on me just by reading here?? : )

I'm actually thankful now I joined a gym...I went this morning and the whole time was thinking how impossible working out outdoors would be this summer.

Have a nice week!