Saturday, July 10, 2010

The benefits of Monkey Ball

It's Saturday and I didn't have to work at all today.  Wa-hoo!

This morning I slept until 7:45, then padded around in my PJ's, talking to my hubby, eating breakfast, checking email, etc.  I felt relaxed and good.

At 9:10 I headed for the gym for a racquetball practice. My customary routine is to hit a few shots as warm-up, realize that I'm weak and unfocused, and then settle into a 5-7 minute session of serving the ball. No returns, just serves. It's a good way to focus and to get the arm warmed up.

After serving, I backed up on the court so that I could start volleying the ball.

Did I mention that I began the day feeling relaxed? Really relaxed.  I did.

So imagine my surprise when I unconsciously became very aggressive with the ball. I didn't just hit it neat and pretty. No, I tried to smash every possible shot, over and over and over again. Complete with facial grimaces worthy of any tennis great whom you might wish to name. For an hour. Maybe more.

And I felt GREAT while I was doing it and GREAT when I got done. I could have roared like a lion as I walked out of the gym.

Guess I was more stressed from this week than I thought.

That little blue ball makes a great substitute for someone's head . . .

- Catherine

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