Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flowers and Flippers

Well, we had a lovely Memorial Day. We spent time planting our annual geranium display (all over the yard) plus our deck planters. In the evening we had an impromptu barbecue of tri-tip roast on the grill.  Friends came over to join us, and we capped the evening by going to Home Depot and picking up the slate-surround fire pit that I've had my eye on for quite a while.

Well, my friend and I went to Home Depot.

My husband and another friend stayed home to clean the kitchen.  Love that!

Relaxing by the fire was the perfect end to the day.  I love the ebb and flow of conversation around a fire, while watching the flames dance.

Here are the pictures of the deck this year:

 Martha Washington Geranium

 Peach Harmony Daisy

 The fire pit

Number 7 has appointed himself the reining grill master at our house, so he was in charge of the tri-tip roast once I had prepared it for the grill. Right after he took the meat outside, he came bounding back in saying that he needed "the flipper."  1960s child that I am, I immediately began to sing him the theme song to that iconic TV show "Flipper."  (Anyone remember all the words?)

Number 7 looked at me like I had three heads, picked up the BBQ spatula from the dish drainer, and exited the kitchen without another word.

The tri-tip was excellent.

- Catherine


bensrib said...

You can watch the first four seasons of Flipper on My kids think it's the dorkiest show ever made. I loved it when I was 8.

Christy said...

Love your fire pit! And thanks a lot - now the Flipper theme song is stuck in my head.

Joyce said...

ha-I just broke out in the Flipper theme song when we were on our beach trip a few weeks back. gmta!

Love that Martha Washington geranium-that's pretty!

Susanne said...

LOL. How is it tv tunes get so ingrained in us?

I looooove that fire pit! I was just talking to hubby about a fire pit. I'll have to keep hinting.