Monday, June 14, 2010


Happy Birthday to me!  Today is my birthday and I say that not so everyone will chime in with greetings (although I'd certainly love it if you did).  I say that because we had a killer party at our house on Saturday night -- for my birthday -- and I didn't get one. stinking. picture.

52 years old and the mind is definitely going.

But I had an awesome, awesome time, and I'd say my husband went a very long way toward making up for the debacle of my 50th birthday party two years ago.  That's the party where I cooked (and I mean COOKED) all the food, etc. for what was to have been a home-coming party for my daughter.  And then, when my husband was about to give thanks for the meal that I had prepared, I found out that he decided to piggy back this as a surprise birthday party . . . for me.  I looked at my husband right then and there, with my apron still on, and told him I was putting up my feet for the remainder of the day and he could see to the rest of the party, especially the clean-up.

Said in the nicest way possible, of course.

So, this year, he again tagged my party on with another celebration, but this time he also set it up so that I wouldn't be cooking. Friends came over and took over my kitchen, and my brother-in-law (a meat cutter and caterer) provided some mouth-watering prime rib.


About 60 of our closest friends and family came, and it was lovely, lovely, lovely.

It rained, though, and we have a small-ish house, so I wondered how we were going to handle it if the rain didn't stop in time for the party.  Tim joked that we'd be sending everyone home with a to-go box.


BUT, man of the hour that he is, Tim went to the hardware store an hour before the party was to start, picked up a humongous tarp and then proceeded to string it across the yard.  We placed fire pits and tables underneath, built up roaring fires for warmth, and were quite comfortable hanging out in the yard for the party.

I loved every minute of it and am so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate with me!

And I'm thankful to my wonderful Tim, who has now redeemed about 65% of the Great 50th Birthday Debacle.


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Ah! 65% redeemed, eh? That's progress - a few more years should cover it! 8~) OK, really, this sounds terrific - HAPPY birthday!

bensrib said...

Funny story, and happy birthday! BTW, I think I recognize that chair behind you in the picture over there.

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like lots of fun. I turn 50 in Sept. but we are thinking of taking a little trip.
So glad your hubs has mostly redeemed himself.

Christy said...

Happy birthday! I'm so glad it was a great party! And I'm amazed you've forgiven you husband for the 50th birthday disaster. That was b-a-d.

Great new design, by the way.