Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Stuff on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon

It's Tuesday afternoon. In about 10 minutes, some 200 check requests will be put on my desk, each one of which requires my handwritten signature (electronic not allowed).

Shoot me.

So, while I wait, I will take a few moments to blog.

In NJ recently, I was very careful NOT to use my cell phone while driving -- because it is totally and completely and absolutely against State law to be on your cell phone while driving.  I had to wonder, though, at the signs on the Interstate highways that flashed the following message: "Traffic Info: Dial 511"


While in NJ, I visited with an elderly aunt. The difficult one. Notorious in the family for picking fights, misconstruing information, and generally being about as narcissistic and bitter a person as I've ever met. She's 83 and hasn't mellowed one bit since her childhood (going by my mother's stories).  I've kept my distance over the years because the stress of it is more than I can handle. But she's 83 and it was time for me to see her.  We had a perfectly lovely visit, including lunch, and it was all going swimmingly . . . until the end, when she informed me that she had written me out of her will.

Well, all righty then.

I figure she can leave her money to anyone she wishes. But taking the time to include a whole paragraph in her will that specifically writes me out of her will?

I feel so . . . infamous.

- Catherine


bensrib said...

I can only guess who that might be . . .

NJ law reminds me of an email my daughter Leah got at work last week, informing all the teachers that the email was down. Yeah.

Susanne said...

Oh ouch. I think there must be a relative like that in every family.