Saturday, May 29, 2010

Basketball and meat.

I was going to blog yesterday. I was going to blog today. I really was.

Instead I've handled urgent matters that cropped up at work and attended #7's Memorial Day Weekend basketball tournament.

The basketball tournament was the first I think I've ever attended. I've watched single games here and there, but never a tournament of game after game.  #7 is, officially, a freshman in high school and will play for the freshman team this winter.  He will spend some time training this summer (as he will for freshman football), and this weekend's tournament was part of that training.

I raised a daughter, so the "boy thing" still seems so very different at times. The male rituals of back slapping, fist bumping, low fives (high fives must be out at the moment), etc. is sometimes amusing and still a little foreign.  The coach would gather the team in a huddle (is that what it's called in basketball??) to give them advice and direction, and at the end of that little session, the team would touch fists together and shout a pep cheer.

Which sounded strangely like "Go Meat!"

I'm sure that's not what they said.

But all I could think of was the silly Hillshire Farms commercials of all those men at their backyard barbecue grills.

The tournament is over and we are hoping for a Sabbath of rest and relaxation tomorrow.

Unless the weather's nice, and then I'll be out planting our flower beds and containers.

That's okay, too.  I'll post pics when I'm done.

- Catherine


Christy said...

"Go Meat!"?? So what were they really saying?

Catherine said...

It was either "Go Team!" or "Po-ky!" "Poky" is the local nickname for Pocatello High School.