Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grandma's evening out

Two years ago I started a tradition of having an evening out at Christmastime with my granddaughter (and eldest grandchild), Kali.  She was 7-going-on-8 at the time, a good age to start this kind of thing. We both like to dress up, so what better choice than a local performance of the Nutcracker?  That first year, she slept through most of the second act, but she enjoyed herself immensely, being out for a grown-up evening.  I had a blast, too. 

The tradition has continued, and last night was our third Christmastime outing – once again to see the Nutcracker.  (Last year we saw a production of A Christmas Carol, brought into town by a professional touring company.)  Off we went, last night, to see a Nutcracker performance put on by a touring company of The Moscow Ballet, and we got to see it in Pocatello's amazing Stephen's Performing Arts Center.  The Stephen’s PAC is a fabulous venue, reputed to have some of the best acoustics in the country. We had seats in the topmost balcony area, right on the railing – a great view of the stage.

I don’t know much about The Moscow Ballet, but Russian ballet companies, in general, have quite a reputation, given the history of ballet in that country.  This was a regional touring arm of The Moscow Ballet.  The principal dancing was really excellent, the costumes were lovely, and the minimalist set (just two elaborate backdrops) was imaginatively designed.

Kali fell asleep again this year -- just the last 15 minutes -- but no matter.  We thoroughly enjoyed our evening “at the ballet,” as we airily pronounced it, dressed in our Christmas finery. I loved making another memory with my eldest grandchild, and I am looking forward to the day when Granddaughter #2 (we have only two so far) is also old enough for such activities.

Kali already wants to know what we’ll be seeing next year. 

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

This sounds so lovely. I want this for my life with a grandchild someday!