Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation Part 4

Day 4
A huge thunderstorm last night and the air is much fresher today. One clap actually shook the camper, waking me and worrying our dog (Hank hates thunderstorms). Lightening flashed for quite a while, but there were no more close thunder claps, thank goodness. It poured for a goodly amount of time, soaking Luci and the boys in their tents, unfortunately. Everyone was a bit tired this morning.

But, with the fresher air came some glorious weather – so we got some float time today – yay! The sun was hot and the water was beautiful.

Luci and the boys left mid-afternoon and we three are alone (well, we four, if you count the dog).

Yesterday’s mighty wind returned even stronger around 5:30 today, so we are back inside to relax with our laptops and movies. I like this summer living in our RV in this campground, with the lake outside my windows and the pine trees towering overhead. It’s a bit like having a cabin on a lake. The vacation isn’t so much about the camping as it is about the lake and relaxing; the RV is how we manage to have a lake vacation. We spend the day in our swimsuits and the evenings in our pajamas.

Speaking of pajamas, tonight the entire campground was given the opportunity to see our pajamas. Remember that wind? I looked down the hill and saw our raft and tubes floating in the lake, having blown off the shore from the sheltered area where we’d stowed them for the night. We sprinted down the hill through the trees, running pell mell along the shore to retrieve our stuff – which, thankfully, was being blown in the direction of the land and not out into the middle of the lake. With the wind absolutely roaring around us, we trussed up everything even more tightly than before and carefully placed our well-tied package of flotation devices in what we hoped was a more protected section of the lake shore. Once finished, we straggled back up the steep hill to our camper and collapsed inside.

Thus ends Day 4!

- Catherine

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