Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay, I admit it - I've been a slacker blogger. But I have good reasons, I assure you. The first week of vacation was spent in the wilds, where there is no cell phone and no internet access. The second week of vacation was spent with my daughter, who has been home on her own vacation.

So, this morning she left on an early flight, not to return until next spring sometime.

And I cried.

And now I think I'll start working up a few blog posts. Stay tuned....



Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Real Life sure does take its toll on blogging! 8~) As it should, really, but anyway, summer, with its trips and visitors, really does throw that daily fall-through-spring pattern to the wind!

Christy said...

Tuned in!

Hope your time with your daughter was wonderful. Thank goodness for email and skype!

How's your mom?

Catherine said...

My mom is feeling really good right now! She went to the doctor yesterday. They've put a hospice plan in place, but it isn't needed at this time -- and the doctor is very pleased with how well her body is handling the cancer. I guess when the crisis finally comes, it will come pretty quickly. In the meantime, she's enjoying life.

Thank you for asking and for continuing to pray for my mother, Christy. We believe in the power of prayer!