Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation Part 2

Day 2
Day 2 started a wee bit later – maybe an hour or so. I made it to the top of the rise to check my cell phone messages at 10:00 or so. No cows. Two messages. One from my parents-in-law to say they were on their way to visit us and that they had four of the teenage grandchildren with them. The other message was from my sister-in-law to say that she, too, was coming to visit and that she’d be staying overnight with the four boys (one of whom is her son).

Well, after talking on the cell with both my father-in-law and my sister-in-law in order to get some kind of estimate of times of arrival, I headed back down to the campground to let Tim and Doug in on the good news. Of course, we were delighted, and Doug was especially glad that his cousins – most of whom are his closest friends – were coming to spend time with him.

Shortly after 1:00, Tim’s parents arrived with the four cousins in their van. We had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon by the lake. The boys had a blast playing in the water with the river raft and the river tubes that we had brought with us. My mother-in-law and I walked the lakeshore for part of the way, talking and enjoying each other's company.

Mom and Dad left at 5:00 and Luci, my sister-in-law, had still not arrived. The boys, of course, stayed with us. We sent them down to set up the tent on the camp site they’d be using. Luci arrived at 6:30, having missed a crucial turn and spent an extra 90 minutes on the road. Ah well. It’s vacation, after all. She enjoyed her quiet time, and we were none the worse for the wear.

- Catherine

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