Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family photo

I haven't forgotten that I intend to blog about my vacation, but tonight I wanted to post our recently taken family photograph.

My daughter was home with us for 10 days and so we had a family party on Sunday. It's the first time everyone in our immediate family has been together in three years, so I called my talented niece and asked her to come over and take photographs.

Here we are -- all 21 of us, plus our dog named Hank Williams Jr. and a random garden gnome who is nameless.

We had so much fun at this party -- everyone, I think, had a great time. Lots of photographs, lots of food, lots of people (we invited extended family to join the party -- there were about 50 of us, in all).

I made hamburgers and bratwurst, and the kids brought everything else. Great food.

Here's a picture of us girls, having a good time together:

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.....

Seated L to R: (daughter-in-law) Balin, me, (daughter) Abbi
Standing L to R: (daughter-in-law) Katie, (daughter) Jen, (daughter-in-law) Kari.

If you look at my Facebook page, I've posted more of that day's photos there.

- Catherine


Katie said...

I think we should name the garden gnome Frank....

Catherine said...

I like that. It rhymes with Hank. Frank 'n Hank out front of the photograph.