Saturday, July 9, 2011


How do you title something that is the product of an exhausting week and will exceed my randomness quota for the next little while?

Follow along with my wanderings, dear reader, if you dare:

In two days my Dad would have been 90 years old. He passed in 2007 and while time does level the everyday grief, the holidays actually seem to become harder as time goes on.

The Harry Potter movie comes out next week and I will be seeing it. But it's hard to imagine the movie doing justice to the excellence of the book - especially the final scene between Harry and Voldemort. Think I may have to indulge in rereading the book after I see the movie.

Fake tans are wonderful things for those of us who were not blessed with the natural ability to tan. Too bad I can't make money from my incredible ability to sunburn.

Why do tech guys assume that women don't know anything about technology? I walked into Staples today to get some assistance with my android tablet. Specifically, I needed help because the tablet could no longer connect with any wireless networks. Despite working fine with the available networks here for the past several weeks, the tablet's wifi function simply quit yesterday. I explained the problem to the young man at the desk at Staples (where I purchased the tablet) and his first observation was "Well, the wifi is probably turned off."  "Yes, it IS turned off," I rejoined. "I turned it off because it was running down the battery while continually scanning for networks to which it was unable to connect!" He shut up and finally admitted that he didn't know anything about the tablets. Epic fail. I ended up researching it online and fixing the problem myself. Thank you.

The Duchess of Cambridge shares my name: Catherine Elizabeth. She's a lot thinner then I, though, and she would look great wearing a paper bag. Phhtttt.

Tim was watching an old John Wayne western today. As I passed through the room, the Duke uttered the sentence, "I've made up my mind." But my 21st century ears heard "I met'em online." Boy, have things changed!

Speaking of old movies, Pygmalion - starring Lesley Howard and Wendy Hiller - is one of the very best. The chemistry between them makes the Professor Higgins - Eliza Doolittle relationship much more understandable.

End of random wanderings. Time to return to work. Less than three weeks until vacation!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

Some weeks my head has a lot of random too. Most weeks in fact : )

I love watching Wills and Kate-she is adorable!

Christy said...

You have had quite the week! Don't have any good words for how hard the birthdays of passed loved ones are... hope you find a way to enjoy his memory in the midst of the sadness.