Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah, the weekend

Saturday afternoon was spent at one of my favorite spots on this earth: Provo River Falls in the High Unitas mountains of Utah.

The river is a perfect torrent this year due to an extraordinarily long winter and wet spring. Indeed, summer is here only in fits and starts it seems, for after the sun and heat of the weekend, we are back to cloudy, cool weather today.

I'm consoling myself with these pictures (taken last year, but it's the same this year):

The main falls are so full this year that you get sprayed by them when you stand near the edge.

Further up the mountains -- more falls.

This is a view of which I never tire, looking upriver from the top of the main falls.

Our last week of work has arrived, and, with it, the last week for me to enjoy the company of Numbers 4 and 4.5.  Provo River Falls is on the list for a repeat visit this coming Wednesday afternoon: lazing by the river, wandering up the mountainside, just letting the sound and the beauty restore our spirits.

- Catherine


Joyce said...

Looks positively gorgeous!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

How beautiful. I love falls ... there's just something breathtaking about falls.