Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transitions and jungles

A jumble of thoughts for today:

My aunt is still transitioning to her new life out here, and I continue to pray that she grows to love it more and more. She thoroughly enjoyed going to church with us on Sunday, even though our services are pretty far from the traditional church that she is used to. She greeted my friends, enjoyed the pastor's sermon, enjoyed the music(!), and ate a very healthy plate of our potluck lunch. A good day.

My hubby and I are reclaiming our back yard little by little from the years of semi-neglect.  It has been fun to figure out what is growing and to start making decisions about where there should be bulbs planted next Fall. A goodly number of the bushes and trees that line the side of the property are dead (or more than half dead anyway), so a clearing operation is underway there. I've made it to the halfway point, measuring in linear yards -- however the worst of the jungle is nearer to the front of the property, which means that I still have more than halfway to go in terms of sheer volume.

Hank and Charley have been outdoors a lot more, which makes for healthy appetites and good sleepers.

Comes to that, the same applies to hubby and me!

My muscles are sore from yard work -- apparently racquetball is not a suitable substitute for squatting on your haunches, trying to clean out debris from inside the cluster of stems that form a bush. My "glutes" have been protesting.

I can't decide which is sweeter here at our new place -- mornings or evenings. The kitchen is completely flooded with beautiful sunlight in the morning, which makes me want to get up and going. But then the evenings spent outside with my hubby are incredible. And the lawn just glows in the long evening sunshine (darkness doesn't fall until about 8:30 this time of year).

All in all, it's sweet and serene here and I am drinking it in.

And now, although the sunny kitchen beckons, it's time for the kind of work that brings in the paycheck.

- Catherine


Christy said...

Love this jumble of thoughts. And your final sentence is wonderfully crafted!

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

I'm really glad, and i really hope, that your aunt can be happy with this change in her life - it's a big change but such a good one to be near family who can be there for her.

The day might come when we need to beg cajole or possibly make my dad move with us to the NJ environs so we can be accessible to the kids and any grandkids we have. I need to not borrow trouble and i hope this phase of his life can go smoothly and happily! It's a difficult time of life, but they are lucky to have loving loved ones.