Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rainy Randomness

It's a rainy Saturday morning here -- the kind that makes you want to stay in bed. Alas, we have two dogs and so there is no staying in bed.

Tim is recovering from having his gall bladder out on Thursday. He's had more pain than we had anticipated, but all seems well in general. And he is MOST thankful that the nonstop nausea he experienced for the last several months is now at an end.  Yay for that!

Today's to-do list includes vacuuming and tidying up, just in case we end up having a Mothers Day lunch/picnic at our house tomorrow. For some reason we are doing things on the fly this year, which is fine with me.

Our local Farmers Market has resumed its seasonal business now that we are in the month of May, and I intend to make a trip there this morning.  Although there aren't many vendors this time of year, it's a fun 30 minutes or so to see what's available. Probably I can pick up some organic root vegetables (last season) and see what the crafts vendors are offering.

In 22 days, Number 4 will be a married woman. There are several festivities planned during the two days before the wedding, including a bachelorette party, a bachelor party, and a BBQ dinner. Should be great fun! I'll be singing at the wedding, which means that a part of today and every day until then will be spent practicing. The choice is a song performed by Celtic Woman:

- Catherine

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abigail catherine said...

We can't wait for your song!