Monday, October 20, 2008

Traveling to Omaha, Part II

Arrived in Omaha safely and made my way to the rental cars to pick up my reservation. The girl behind the counter said “I’ve got a Kia Rio for you. Whaddya think?” Unfortunately, I’d no idea WHAT to think about a Kia Rio, not having consciously seen one before, so I merely muttered that it would be fine. She handed me the key and said “Space H-51. Straight-back-on-your-right.” I wheeled around and noted the H row ….and that it started with space… #.... 1. Yep. Had to truck my luggage down past 50 spaces to get to my car. The good thing is that the car was parked so far out in the lot that it was next to the exit.

After a long day of sessions today, we were treated to a reception of finger foods. Not bad for a Holiday Inn, I thought. The foods were pretty tasty and were decoratively presented. And each offering sported a small tent card in front of it, identifying the contents of the chafing dish, which was quite helpful. Bacon-wrapped scallops, teriyaki chicken satays, cocktail shrimp, spring rolls with sweat chili sauce…. Wait! sweat? Yes, indeed. That’s what it said. Not “sweet chili sauce,” which I’m pretty sure is what they meant, but “sweat chili sauce.”

Someone on the banquet staff wasn’t paying attention.

I didn’t try it.

Tomorrow’s our last day of sessions and then I get to go home. Amen to that.

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