Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thinking Deeply

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, in the mountains of Idaho:

It’s October. Leaves are turning colors and the green plants of summer are dying. The familiar smell and feel of Fall is most definitely in the air. Today it’s raining, with that delightfully musty fragrance of wet leaves everywhere. We have so few ‘rainy days’ in the Intermountain West that I am relishing every sodden moment of it.

We’re camping this weekend – the last time that we can before we winterize the RV and put it away until next Summer. But this weekend isn’t actually about the camping experience so much as it is about just getting away from everyday life for a couple of days. We needed some time. Time to dream, time to chill, time to be together with no external pressures and no expectations of a schedule. Time to write. Time to talk. Time to play video games (well, we do have our 12-year old son with us!).

Time to “think deeply of simple things” (nod to the late mathematician, Arnold Ross). That’s a luxury in this day and age: mulling over at length one simple concept, finally grasping its essence and then working outward to practical application. What heaven! This rain-swept morning provided ample opportunity, for a change.

The topic that captured us is the concept of bearing each other's burdens, and what that really means. It’s one “simple” point of a spiritual walk with Jesus, but to really grasp what it means takes some thought. The way it connects us to each other and to God is actually quite complex.

And that’s where I’m ending today’s blog post because I’m STILL thinking about this concept. When I’ve got more to say, I’ll continue. In the meantime, if YOU’ve got something to say, please post your comments!

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