Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have been musing the last couple of days about adoption.

Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman lost his youngest daughter, age 5, three days ago in a tragic accident at the family home (if you Google or go to, you can find out the details). Maria Sue was adopted from China by the Chapman family when she was just a baby, much like my own daughter, Abbi, was adopted from Korea by my first husband and myself when she was three months old.

Adoption isn't a makeshift or substitute relationship for the 'real thing.' It is the real thing, as solid as any biological relationship and running just as deep. The choice to make a family with a child who has already suffered the loss of his/her biological family is not taken lightly. And the bond created in that choice is permanent, whatever the outcome of the child's own subsequent life choices. Believe me. I know. And so do all the other 'adoptive' parents out there. Adoption is the very relationship we enjoy with our Creator. He chose us to be His. The bond is permanent, no matter our subsequent choices.

My Abbi turns 24 tomorrow -- a birthday little Maria Sue Chapman will never see. The loss for the Chapman family is horrible to contemplate. Scripture says that our days are appointed by God. Maria Sue had 5 years and 10 days here -- a good life, I'm sure. She's home with Jesus now, of that I'm also sure.

The Chapmans had a mission when it came to adoption, establishing a special foundation that gives grants to parents in need of funds to cover the adoption fees -- so that even if money is tight, they, too, can bring home a child. Why? Because every child deserves a home -- a 'forever family' is how we put it. The exact same privilege that we enjoy spiritually with our God.

If you wish, you may contribute to Shaohannah's Hope and help others bring children home to their very own forever families, too.

Thanks for reading.


Finny said...

Thanks Catherine.

My youngest sister is adopted and she is as much a part of me as my biological sister is.

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing that, Tiff. I know my daughter and her older half-sister are very close and don't think about the 'adoptive' aspect of it at all.