Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Health Care

My recent poll on health care was somewhat inconclusive, friends. Okay, no one wanted government to be paying for all the health care. But 33% wanted tax credits, 22% wanted the current system of employer-provided insurance, and 44% want "something other than" the choices that I offered in the poll. I've no idea where our health care system will end up, and I don't really know what is the best solution -- but it seems to me it can't keep going on as it is. When senior citizens have to go without much-needed prescription drugs, when going to the hospital can bankrupt your finances, and when health care is categorized as an 'industry,' something is very, very wrong.

Maybe when the Baby Boomers are in full retirement things will change? What do you think?


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Oh-oh - don't get me started! 8~)

Insurance is nearly impossible to get or pay for, unless one works for a sizable company. We have a small business and pay $500/mo for a plan with NO office visits, NO tests, and generic drugs only. This month our small-problem visits and routine tests run to about $2500 on top of that.

A system -- and something private and multiple-payer, like the current auto insurance law would be OK -- overseen by the government might work. Not exactly like auto-insurance, since you can't penalize people for needing health care, the way you can and should raise rates on bad drivers.

No one is asking or expecting to get the products of innovation and research for free, but the price has GOT to be fair.

Catherine said...

(nodding vigorously in agreement) -- I know the research is costly, especially the clinical trials, but something has got to give here when it comes to drug prices, at least for our seniors and children.