Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Can Can

Today I made... and canned... both peach jam and peach butter.

What is WRONG with me???  I spent the ENTIRE day at it!

And I loved every minute of it.

And I can barely move tonight.

I must be channeling my mother. And my grandmother. And every single one of my great aunts - Ethel, Ann, Gert, Mabel, and Bert. Plus numerous cousins.

I come from a long line of canners.

We all can can!

I haven't canned anything since, like, 1980, for cryin' out loud.

So, I'm not sure the peach butter is the right consistency. But if not, it will make for a nice peach topping on pancakes or ice cream. I'm philosophical that way. It will also make for a great glaze on a pork loin.

I must admit I am really, really enjoying the sight of the little golden jars, and am looking forward to stocking them in my pantry downstairs. Some cold winter day I will walk down there and return with a jar of golden sunshine.

With a big label that says "I made this!!!"

Just kidding.

But I do have enough to give as Christmas gifts.

And that is a mighty fine thing.

Oh, and the leftovers that could't be preserved? Toast this week!!! Does it get any better?



Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

I've never canned, although I wouldn't mind giving it a try. ;-) Peach jam and peach butter sound absolutely divine! Sunshine in a jar. All that work and those tired muscles will be worth it this winter. ;-)

Karen said...

Pop-pop (Uncle Walter to you) used to come in the kitchen in the summer and say, "That sure will taste good next winter!"

Christy said...

I have no idea how to can anything - this post makes me wish I did because peach topping on pancakes sound heavenly!