Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Canine Point of View

Hank and Charley deep in conversation:

Hank (wagging his tail in excitement): This is where we go camping!

Charley (wagging his tail in imitation of Hank): What's camping?
Hank (patiently): This is when Mama and Daddy take us out on the lake!
Charley: What's a lake?

Hank (still trying to explain): It's where we go out on the boat!

Charley: What's a boat?
Hank (still patient): And we get to go swimming!

Charley: What's swimming?
Hank (triumphantly): And we sleep in the camper!
Charley: What's a camper?
Hank (completely out of sorts): Why don't you go inside now, Charley. Just go up the three steps to the door and go see Mama.

Charley: What steps?
Hank: Maaaa-maaaa.......!

Hank is articulate and has good manners. He's also a very good sailor.

Charley is sloppy and lovable, but thick as a plank. He never did quite get the hang of climbing the three stairs to the camper door. But he sure did love his first camping trip!

 - Catherine


Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Aww, that made my heart smile. Our Abby is a lot like Charley, and our Toby was a lot like Hank.

Expats Again said...

Hank and Charley are in for a treat!