Thursday, August 4, 2011

The aftermath

I haven't posted anything about my vacation, but here I am talking about the aftermath?  Yep.

That's because one must get through the aftermath before one can return to one's usual pursuits, such as blogging. And uploading vacation photos.

We arrived home around dinnertime on Monday and spent the evening unpacking the camper. Three people, two dogs, and a boatload of dirt came home from a week of camping. I immediately started the first of some seven or eight loads of extremely filthy laundry, a process that continued for the better part of the next two days. Thank heavens for my front loader or I'd STILL be doing laundry from the vacation!

And that would be bad because I am already off on another trip - my 35th high school reunion is this Saturday night in NJ. So here I sit in the Salt Lake City airport in the middle of a three hour layover. Sharing my layover with you, dear reader. You're welcome.

I promise there are vacation posts and pics coming. You do want to know all about it, right???

I thought so.

Talk soon!

- Catherine

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