Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Six months to a year

“Well, there’ll be no more chemo,” she said to me, and the flat tone of her voice gave away the rest of the news. “The doctor says six months to a year,” she added. Honestly, I couldn’t take it in at first.

“Six months to a year for what?” I stupidly asked. “For life,” she replied. “Wait," I said desperately, "I’m not following you. Six months to a year before the cancer becomes a problem again, or…?" and my voice trailed off. “No. Six months to a year is all I have,” she said quietly. And just like that, my mother is in her final journey.

The tumors on the pancreas did not respond to the five months of chemo. Instead, they grew a tiny bit. According to the doctor, this is a slow-growing cancer and that's why he estimates six months to a year.

I still can hardly take it in.


Katie said...

Oh, Cath, I'm so sorry. We will pray for your mom and you and the rest of your family. Let us know if we can do anything! Love you!

bensrib said...

Oh Cathy, I'm so sorry. We'll pray for you all. ~K