Thursday, August 2, 2012

No more intrusion

Is it me, or is everyone else's Facebook Newsfeed nothing more than a long page of photographs and links every day?

I used to enjoy the photographs, especially the funny ones.  But lately each day has seen at least one photo of physical violence (technically, its aftermath) posted by someone among my friends. These people may be well intentioned, but if they're posting these photos for their friends to see, aren't they preaching to the choir -- because their friends will hold the same values as they?

I'm done.

I wrote this today on my FB status update, and I feel sooooo much better now:
Folks, I can't take any more photos on my FB newsfeed of dogs/cats/children/women/men who have been physically beaten. I just don't want to see it. I know it's out there and I support efforts to stop it. My not wanting to see it graphically front and center on my computer does not mean that I have my head in the sand by any means. (Please note, this is one reason I don't watch most of the movies that come out nor much TV that is out there -- I don't want to see the graphic violence.)

I tend to think that my FB experience should be one of the more pleasurable of my day -- not something I dread because I don't know what pics have been posted. 

So, here is my manifesto: if you want to post those pics on your timeline, I have no quarrel with your right to do so -- but I will unsubscribe from all of your updates so that I don't have to see them. If you post one of those pictures specifically on my own timeline, there is a good chance I will block you entirely.

In other news, we leave on Sunday for our vacation and I Can. Not. Wait.

No cell. No internet. No schedule.

Just God's creation, my two best guys, my dear friends, and  the pups.


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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'm tired of Facebook being used for furthering political agendas ... even for those candidates/positions I support. I get enough of that on TV. Like you, I want to enjoy my time on Facebook ... catching up with old/new friends and family ... oohing and aahing over everyone's grandbabies, etc. I may have to post something like what you did.

Where are you going on your vacation? ;-)