Monday, March 26, 2012

Sketches from the sea - Part 1

"Nothing beats this view!" I said as I settled onto a deck chair.

It was dark by now and we'd finished strolling and exploring the cruise ship on our first evening at sea. Settling on the Lido Deck's fantail in the dark, my husband had remarked that the ship's "party lights" were not on, which he thought unusual since we could see the lights of other ships blazing away on the inky horizon.

But a second later I made my announcement as I gazed out over the railing at the dramatic mix of clouds and clear night sky. We would never have seen this if the party lights had been on: Out before us lay the brilliant Evening Star (Venus). Directly below the Evening Star, about halfway to the horizon in a straight vertical alignment, was a sliver of the waning moon, peeking out from behind clouds that glowed with dreamy, lunar light.

You just have to thank the Creator for the transcendent beauty of the universe and for these moments to enjoy it.

- Catherine

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