Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Dear Reader, here we are again. Note that I am almost incapable these days of thinking up a blog post on my own and am relying heavily on the weekly Hodgepodge.  Sad.  But since I know you are just chomping at the bit to read my weekly answers, let us delay no longer.  Away we go!

1. A new Miss America was crowned on Saturday night-did you watch? If you were a contestant what would your talent be?  I haven't watched Miss America since, like, 1976 I think.  If I were in the contest, though, I guess I'd be singing. (It certainly wouldn't be baton twirling  -- someone would get hurt if I did that.)

2. Do you have houseplants? Real or fake?  Generally, houseplants come to my house to die. Seriously. They have been condemned to death by some obscure plant jury and they end up at my house. The problem is that I've never mastered the art of watering correctly for the conditions, no matter how many methods I've tried (and I've tried a LOT). But hope springs eternal. So I do have a couple of herbs growing on my kitchen windowsill this winter. So far so good, only because they are in front of me every day, affording me the opportunity to save them from fatal dehydration in the nick of time.

3. When you were in school did you speak up or were you more of the hide your face, avoid eye contact, and pray the teacher didn't call on you type of student? I spoke up if I was sure of the answer and prayed not to be called on when I didn't.

4. Next Monday marks the Chinese New Year...what do you order when someone suggests Chinese food? Hmmm .....  BBQ pork and seeds is pretty good, as is General Tso's chicken. Our town has a restaurant that serves Mongolian Barbecue, and we go there most often for Chinese food -- that means I get to put together my own concoction and have it cooked for me!

5. How would you define a miracle? What would it take for you to consider something a miracle? A miracle can be something that defies reason. It can also be something that happens despite overwhelming odds. Most of the miracles in my life tend to be of the latter variety -- but they are no less miracles.

6. What's your favorite Disney song? If you're stuck you'll find a list here. Oh. My. Gosh.  Just one??? I love so many of them. "When You Wish Upon a Star" is a favorite for it's melancholy yet hopeful aspect (Rosemary Clooney did a great version back in the day). I also love the joy and celebration of "That's How You Know" (from Enchanted). And the sheer fun of "Les Poissons" (from the Little Mermaid).

7. I should have prayed more yesterday. Always!

8. Insert your own random thought here: Randomly speaking,  I have new office furniture that is making me very happy. I don't know why furniture should affect my mental well-being, but it does. For the last week now I've been getting all kinds of work done. Of course, it might help that I now have a setup where, truly, there is a place for everything. Which means my brain can stop the constant playing of the game "Concentration" and focus on the work itself!

Thanks again to Joyce for this week's questions! If you want to play along, answer the questions on your own blog and link up at Joyce's!

- Catherine


Joyce said...

I do love an organized office! I'm much more productive when there's a place for everything and things are tidy. Speaking of which, I need to get off the computer and get out the vacuum!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Getting any kind of new furniture (or anything else around the house) makes me happy. If I can't get anything new, rearranging furniture is the next best thing. Unfortunately, this house just doesn't lend itself to rearranging furniture. :-(

Marti said...

Being organized makes me happy, too. I can't be productive in a messy atmosphere. Have a good day.