Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winter into Spring

Spring is definitely trying, but winter keeps coming back and biting us. It reminds me of some unfinished business in my own life – some unforgiveness that I know needs to be resolved so that spring can arrive, but, like winter right now, keeps coming back to bite me.

Scripture is very clear that as we forgive others, so will our Father forgive us. Bearing that important truth in mind, it is still incredibly hard to get around the very human emotions engendered when someone deliberately sets out to hurt you. The shock, the hurt at being betrayed by someone you thought you could trust to deal reasonably with what is, admittedly, a sticky situation. Can’t we all just act like adults? Well, it seems that we can’t. And I need superhuman powers to get to the point of forgiveness – something I most decidedly lack right now.

Where is God when you’re trying but not getting anywhere? Is He just sitting up there laughing at vain effort? Not at all! Jesus tells us that our God knows every hair on our heads; He knows every emotion we go through.

Then why the continuation of this particular winter season of my soul? I pray for spring (forgiveness) to come. I know His mercies are sure. I just have to believe – and, really, I already do know -- that this cold and dead season will eventually give way to spring’s more pleasant climate and the renewal, birth, and growth that come with it.

April 2008


The Tysor's said...

Glad you are blogging! =)

The Tysor's said...

Hey Cath,
I love you and I know that Gods got you in the palm of his hand. I'm sorry that you are hurting right now and I wish I could help but do know this you are a great person and that your desire be in the will of God even in time of great confusion is a sign of a person of great faith. Great faith will take you to great places.
Love you,
Scott aka BobsDad
P.S. Hank doesnt miss you....sorry.

Catherine said...

"Great faith will take you great places." That's a thought I will keep in mind on this road. Thank you for that and for the encouragement and love -- you guys mean so much to me!

What do you mean Hank doesn't miss me??????? Hank is a 'mama's pup' through and through... ;-)